Pete Davidson knows very well his relationship with Ariana Grande made him (much more) famous.

The Saturday Night Live star is the latest celebrity to courageously appear on First We Feast's Hot Ones (the show that makes Hollywood's biggest stars eat spicy wings), where he opened up about his ex-fiancée and credited her for his fame. However, he admitted that because of it, the paparazzi won't stop following him.

"It's really annoying ‘cuz, like, I live in Staten Island and they come there now — ‘cuz, like, Ariana Grande made me all famous and stuff," Davidson joked. "So, she, like—it's all her fault. It is. She sent the wolves."

"She made me... created me, whatever they say," he added.

"It sucks, it’s embarrassing because I have a family. My mom has to go to work and there are these f--king weirdos outside,” the comedian continued. “I like to smoke weed and be high in public and it’s very scary when someone’s like [snap snap snap]. Because you feel like you’re in the future."

Elsewhere in his interview, Davidson also explained why he no longer uses social media.

"No, I stopped — I don't really try to dress. I used to when I had the 'gram," he explained. "'Cuz you just scroll through... and you're like, ‘Ooh, off-white shoes. I guess that's what the cool kids are wearing.' And then you realize, when you're not online, that's what broke kids think that's what rich people should wear and it's lame."

Watch Pete Davidson's Hot Ones episode in full, below:

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