The moral of the story? If Peter Frampton tells you to put the phone down, put the phone down!

Seriously, fans going to this Peter Frampton show Sunday night at the Palladium in Carmel, IN were told flash photography and videos weren't allowed... and whether you like that or not, it's management's decision to make. This fan just wouldn't follow the rules, so in my humble opinion, they got what they had coming to them!

I really wish that I could include video in this post... It would be fabulous to watch this fan have his cell phone heaved 150 feet into the rafters, but sadly, flash photography and video wasn't allowed, so we'll just have to rely on eye witnesses for this one!

You have to admit this is pretty funny... it would have been funnier if he were performing at one of the numerous Verizon 'Wireless' theaters around the country!