The Dallas Cowboys have started the season 1-2. Those two losses have both come on the road, against good teams, with great defenses and good quarterbacks. It's easy to understand why Dallas has lost 2 of their first 3.

But, we're talking about the Cowboys, and franchise run by a madman, who rubs off on his fan base. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the old man version of a child from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (the original from 1971, not the trash Johnny Depp one from the 2000s). He wants everything, and he wants it now, and his actions are always right no matter the outcome. Actually, as I write that, I'm realizing Jerry Jones should be running for elected office.

But, even though it was Jerry Jones who decided the team needed to cut Dez Bryant, reach for a linebacker in the draft instead of taking the blue chip wide receivers falling to him, and completely ignore the position during free agency, today fans are blaming quarterback Dak Prescott and head coach Jason Garrett.

Garrett might deserve more of the blame here than Dak. Garrett had to be involved in the roster moves at some level. But as far as Dak goes, he won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, he's a Pro Bowler, and has proven a few times he can win games at the NFL level. But to be honest, what has Garrett ever proved?

He won two Super Bowls as a backup QB, Was handed a Coach of the Year award in the NFL in a year where he had two offensive players play out of their mind (he didn't change anything about the way he coached that season from any other), and his all time record as a head coach is BARELY over 50%.

So if someone wants to start a petition to boot Garrett, that's fine in my book. He's had his chance. But (and I'm NO WHERE NEAR A COWBOYS FAN) maybe the Cowboys fans out there shouldn't be so ready to go "Romo" on Dak yet. Seriously think about how many teams in the NFL would trade a first round draft pick for him TODAY if they could.


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