It doesn't get much lower than stealing from a person with special needs.  However, Kristina Galjour was up to the challenge.  This paralegal at the Legacy Law Center in Metarie, Louisiana allegedly convinced a 57-year old man with a developmental disability that she was a honest-to-goodness lawyer and proceeded to con him out of close to $2 million.

According to U.S. News and World Report, the unnamed man had inherited a trust fund after the unfortunate 2015 death of his parents.  Allegedly,  Galjour convinced the man to sign several documents which allowed her to empty his account over a three-year period.

The investigation is still ongoing, but officials also believe that she threatened to have the man institutionalized if he didn't comply.  Galjour was arrested on an array of charges, including 234 counts of computer fraud, 234 counts of bank fraud, theft valued over $25,000, exploitation of the infirm, and illegally practicing law without a license.

The owner of the Legacy Law Center claims to have no knowledge of the crimes.

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