I need to come clean right now and tell you about my obsession with pigs. It's very unhealthy, the people that know me best will randomly gift me pig keepsakes, if you've been to my apartment they are easy to spot. I have been obsessed with owning a property that will allow me to live out my dream of being a pig mom. Her name is already picked, it will be Barbecue, but we will call her Barbie for short. For now, it's all just a dream.

Rebeka via Airbnb

I just found out about an Airbnb experience that will probably make my pig-loving heart explode when I visit.

Rebeka via Airbnb

Meet Ripley, he and his family are ready to welcome you to Halbert Farm in Burleson.

If you think the "house pig" of Halbert Farm looks a little different it's because he is a Kunekune pig. These pigs are a small breed of domestic pig from New Zealand, that some people claim to act a lot like dogs because they're obsessed with attention and belly rubs.

Rebeka via Airbnb

What if I told you your next Airbnb adventure could consist of just loving on some cute piggies?

You can meet all the pigs at the farm and feed them treats, and give all the belly rubs. If you have the land for a pig, you can even adopt one from Halbert Farms. It's an experience unlike any other.

Rebeka via Airbnb

Keep in mind you won't be sleeping at Halbert Farms this is just an experience offered through Airbnb.

You will have to book it all through Airbnb and it will cost you around $50 per person. Is this worth it? I think so. I just need to find someone to go with me.

Rebeka via Airbnb


If you want to book your epic pig-filled adventure just click here for more info. 

Rebeka via Airbnb

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