I can only imagine the difficulties a tow truck operator might have in pulling a crashed vehicle out of a ditch. Now imagine you're that tow truck driver who has just pulled an abandoned vehicle out of a ditch and you discover what looks to be an incendiary device in the backseat. Such was the case on Louisiana Highway 389 yesterday.

Louisiana State Police say a device resembling a pipe bomb was located in a crashed and abandoned vehicle on Louisiana Highway 389. The vehicle was abandoned in DeQuincy between Jake Rigmaiden and Minnie Rigmaiden roads.

State police investigators determined that the object that was found in the backseat of the vehicle was in fact an explosive device. Troopers and those trained in explosive mitigation removed the device and "rendered it safe". A further inspection of the vehicle found no more devices inside. The abandoned car was then safely towed away.

The vehicle was reportedly crashed at about 4:30 yesterday morning. When authorities arrived on the scene there was no driver present. A subsequent investigation of the vehicle found that it had been reported stolen.

Residents near the area did report hearing an explosion and State Police did confirm the device was rendered safe by detonating it. No injuries were reported and the search for the driver of the car and creator of the explosive device continues.

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