Emporis.com has put together a full list of the tallest buildings in Shreveport... Wait you didn't think I was referring to something else did you?? Because that'd be illegal in this state!

So if you're looking to get high today for 4/20 of course you could go on a trip and fly out of Shreveport Regional Airport because those planes go really high or maybe you could go sky diving. But if you prefer to go high without taking your feet off the ground below is a list of the Highest Places in Shreveport you can go to!

  1. Regions Tower 364 ft
  2. Louisiana Tower 302 ft
  3. Sams Town Hoetl 290 ft
  4. Transmission Tower 280 ft
  5. Beck Building 264 ft

If you're looking to get even higher for 4/20 and don't mind traveling we also have the list of the tallest buildings in the USA...

  1. One World Trade Center, NYC 1,792 ft
  2. Sears Tower, Chicago 1730 ft
  3. John Hancock Building, Chicago 1,500 ft

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