Just when you thought you had seen it all, you get a press release like this... Let me let you read the story first...

Woman avoids hospital food but lands in jail

Monday, February 10, 2020

Posted by Cindy Chadwick - (318) 681-0666

Hospital food. It often gets a bad rap. One woman thought she found a way to avoid it, but that plan eventually landed her in jail.

Ashley Lee, 31, of Plain Dealing, was arrested for making unauthorized charges to another person’s credit card to pay for food orders she placed while at two local hospitals. Lee is accused of charging $562 to DoorDash, Waitr, and Grubhub. It is believed she obtained the credit card information from a patient without their knowledge.

Caddo Sheriff’s Det. Jeremy Edward investigated the case involving Lee and obtained a warrant for her arrest. On February 7, Lee turned herself in at the Caddo Correctional Center and was booked on one count of identity theft.

There are so many questions! Did this woman work for the different hospitals? What did she do to be able to get so close to these patients? Did she literally use someone else's credit card to order lunch (or dinner) and eat right there at the hospital? Possibly during her lunch hour? And why do I want to know if she was a good tipper or not? Weird, right?

Maybe this woman was a patient. Sure, patient food sucks at most hospitals, but the cafeteria generally rocks... Did Domino's deliver right to her patient room? We need answers!

Trust me, I'll be watching for more on this story and when I learn more, I'll definitely share an update.

And to be sure, if she doesn't like hospital food, she's really going to hate the food at CCC!

UPDATE: From what we understand, due to HIPAA laws, they can't release the information regarding whether or not Ms. Lee was a patient at the time of the alleged identity theft.

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