First of all let me start off by saying if you want to protest then you go right ahead and protest, that's not what this is about. However, when you protest by burning or destroying expensive clothing/shoes, you're simply jumping on the viral bandwagon and showing your first world privilege. Yeti Coolers, Nike's and now Levi Jeans are being destroyed in protest where people post videos on social media to show how upset the are... Once again this is not me taking a political side, it's simply me saying if you want to make a change, be the change.

Instead of destroying these items, there are many charities that can use them to help others in need. Yeti Coolers can be used by any charity that handles food distribution and they would love to have them. Nike's and Levi's can be donated to countless charities helping the homeless or underprivileged children. Once again, protesting is fine, it's what this country was founded on, but I just think we should always go into it with the idea of how we can make the world a better place.

If you're confused about why people are upset with Nike, it's due to their new ad with Colin Kaepernick which you can see below..

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