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Let's just say the date involved Netflix and chill, feces, and the fire department. Right, what's not romantic about that. Here's what happened. Liam Smyth, who launched a GoFundMe account to pay for his broken window, explained the details this way.

It seems Smyth and his "Tinderella" had gone out to dinner. After dinner, they went back to his apartment. The young lady excused herself to use the bathroom. After dropping a deuce in the bowl she discovered the toilet wouldn't flush. She panicked and grabbed the "blockage" with a tissue and attempted to toss it out of Smyth's bathroom window.

Instead of the turd falling to the ground, it fell in between the two panes of glass of Smyth's double paned bathroom window. The woman could have just left and said nothing but she confessed to her unfortunate circumstances.

Smyth and the woman then devised a plan where he would hoist her up so that she could reach between the panes of glass and retrieve the poo. She did. That was when she got stuck. The fire department had to be called. The window had to be broken, thus the GoFundMe to replace the glass.

In my life, I have had some bad dates. In my very first date with my now wife, I got my car stuck in her front yard. Having to call a tow truck isn't anything compared to calling the fire department, handling raw sewage, and having it all reported on the world wide web. I eventually got the girl, all this guy got was a broken window.


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