The Pop Queens of 2003

This week sees Michelle Branch dive back into pop with her first solo album in fourteen years, Hopeless Romantic. It’s a welcome return for the talented singer-songwriter, whose two early 2000s albums spawned a number of hit singles as well as a collection of tracks that would go on to inspire future stars like Taylor Swift. (Don’t believe us? Check out our interview with Branch, where she says so herself.)

But fourteen years ago pop music looked very different, and the industry was a playground of exploration for stars still nailing it today. For many of the women of pop, 2003 was a year populated by breakout hits, powerful re-inventions and solo career launches that are still going strong today.

So, sit back in your Juicy Couture track pants, grab your T-mobile Sidekick and throw your iPod Classic earbuds in as we relive some of the best hits from pop’s queens of 2003, above.

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