Right now there are only two places in Shreveport-Bossier where you can get your Chick-fil-A fix.

In Bossier, you can go to the one on Airline and Beene right off of 220 or you can make a trip down Youree drive and enjoy the Lord's chicken at 7010 Youree Drive.

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There Have Been Multiple Rumors That Chick-fil-A is Bringing a Location to South Shreveport.

I first saw a Facebook post claiming that we would soon be seeing construction start for a new Chick-fil-A location. However, there weren't many facts to back up the rumors. Keel News spoke with the Metropolitan Planning Commission Executive Director Alan Clarke, and he confirmed that there is a Chick-fil-A in the works on Mansfield Road in Shreveport.

Where Will the New Chick-fil-A in Shreveport Be?

You may remember a once upon a time thriving Trejo's in that location. The address for the new chicken hot spot is 9122 Mansfield Road.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

Don't Get Too Excited, There is No Projected Opening Date Yet.

Before you start planning your lunches in south Shreveport know that this new Chick-fil-A location is in the early stages of getting the ball rolling. We have no idea if they plan to tear down the old Trejo's location and start from scratch or will they use the bones of the building and start from there.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

Now, We Will Impatiently Wait Until We Get an Opening Date.

Will this new location be the answer to less traffic surrounding the Chick-fil-A on Youree drive? We highly doubt it. However, we are excited to see this location popping up in south Shreveport. We are ready.

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