Some Shreveport businesses might have to make plans to change how they get the word out about their services. The Shreveport City Council is considering a change to the Unified Development Code to ban portable reader board signs.

But this ban will not go into effect until next summer.

Here's what the council is considering:

1. A portable reader-board sign may be used on a temporary basis to identify a business. Signs identified as a portable reader board may be used to advertise a product or service, or direct the public to an activity located on or off the premises.

2. A portable reader-board shall be regulated as an attention-getting device in accordance with the attention-getting device regulations.

3. As of June 30, 2022, all portable reader board signs, as defined by this Code, will be prohibited. Any existing sign permit approved for a portable reader board will become null and void.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission has approved this change and is now asking the Council to do the same. The goal is to promote sound, stable, and desirable development within the jurisdiction of the City.

But some business owners say now is just not the time to add another burden to the plate of struggling local businesses. Large national chains are not likely to be using these signs. And many of the establishments using these kinds of signs are restaurants that continue to struggle to come out of the pandemic.

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