After last night's episode of Power, it's easy to see why STARZ' executives renewed their most popular show for two more seasons. And the fact that the show has been breaking premium cable records since its season premiere doesn't make anyone regret that decision one bit. With plenty of WTF moments from last night's show to dissect, we're just going to jump right into the juicy stuff.

Since Holly ended last week's episode orchestrating Ghost's hit with the help of the Jamaicans, it's only fitting that last night's 60-minute saga began with Holly pushing Tommy to kill Ghost, as usual. And while Holly's attempting to persuade Tommy to keep himself, her and their secret child alive by killing the man he used to call his brother, she's simultaneously texting the Jamaicans to pull off the hit if she can't get Tommy to agree to Ghost's execution. When Holly realizes Tommy just isn't going to bite, she uses Tasha to get information on James' whereabouts so she can let the Jamaicans know when and where to strike.

Unfortunately for Holly, Julio comes over to inform Tommy that it wasn't Lobos who tried to have him killed outside of the "church with the crooked priest," but Dylan and the rest of the Koreans. Tommy also learns that the Koreans were "lit up" outside the church after they attempted to kill him. Tommy realizes Ghost must have been the one to kill the people who were trying to kill him. Thus, there's nothing left for Holly to say that could possibly sway Mr. Egan to murder his best friend. But Tommy finding out Holly gave the Jamaicans a green light to kill Ghost could sway him to want to kill her - and he did. Fueled by anger and heartbreak, Tommy finds himself choking the life out of the woman he once loved over the one person he loves more.

It's sad to say, but viewers were ready for Holly to go. She was too nosey, too messy and way too annoying. But she didn't die in vain. After James is confronted by the Jamaicans - with Tariq sitting just a few feet away - his top of the line security team emerges from the shadows and shoots all three paid assassins attempting to take out their boss. Once he leaves scene, Ghost assumes Tommy ordered the hit and throws on his signature black sweatsuit so he can thank Tommy in person. James picks the lock of Tommy's apartment, enters calling his name and finds him sitting on the floor next to Holly's cold, dead, blue body. Tommy whispers "help me," and magically the original uptown duo is back together burying bodies and strategizing Lobos' [much needed] murder.

As Tommy and Ghost are reuniting, Ruiz is sitting down with the feds to discuss his testimony against Lobos. But Greg, who is keen on unmasking Angela's relationship with Lobos' hot shot distributor, works to persuade his boss to ask Ruiz for more i.e. the identification of Ghost. After Ruiz takes the deal to save himself from capital punishment - a threat he doesn't know the FBI can't actually make happen - Angela talks to Ruiz and reminds him about the Soldado code and why he needs to remain loyal to her precious Jamie. Of course, Ruiz listens and only agrees to give up information on Lobos. Once Lobos finds out, he begins to orchestrate a plan to put that testimony to rest.

While machine guns are ripping through the streets of New York and Ghost and Tommy are burying bodies, there are a few things we can't forget to mention. Angie asks James to move forward with a divorce, Kanan returns to New York and threatens to kill Andre's daughter, Tariq calls his father out for packing his bags and "abandoning" him and Ghost's security team is extremely crooked - we just don't know how or why. Oh, and Tommy never knew Holly was pregnant. When he finds out, he'll probably never forgive himself, but that's for the show writers to decide.

Are you ready for episode 6? Stay tuned!

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