After a week off, Power returned this week with the highly-anticipated penultimate episode for season 3. Previously, things were left with Tommy taking secret meetings with Milan, Kanan taking Tariq under his wing, Angela reconnecting with Greg, Tommy possibly killing Keisha and Ghost plotting to take out Milan with Ruiz’s help.

Just when we thought Josh Kantos was out of the picture, the prodigal nightclub manager returns threatening Ghost with everything he’s got--and yes, he's threatening Ghost, not respectable club-owner James St. Patrick. Now that Kantos is no longer working for Truth, he’s teamed up with Ghost's rivals Andy and Alby, the elitist club owning duo across the street. To make the club pop, Kantos wants Sterns’ guest list back from James – since he’s the one who stole it. Ultimately, St. Patrick obliges, but not before surprising the opposition with a little federal drug raid.

Meanwhile, Greg Knox is still sleeping with Angela, but only to prove that she’s the leak. But has Angela caught on to that yet? One would think so, but with Angie you never know.

After a late night rendezvous, Greg slips out of the bedroom to rummage through Angela’s purse and he discovers Lobos’ burner cell, which leads right back to the real in-office leak, Hugo. But Knox doesn’t pick up on that little fact until he works to trace the purchase of the burner phone and finds Hugo leaving the location he’s staked out. Greg mutters to himself, “Mike, what the f--- are you up to?”

James is speaking at Reina and Tariq’s school for Career day; and the St. Patrick kids' schoolmates are intrigued with their nightclub-owning dad. A disengaged Tariq texts Kanan and asks to meet up after school. As part of his twisted and vengeful plan to get back at Ghost for taking his son away from him, Kanan takes Tariq to the hood to look at sneakers. Knowing Riq can’t afford anything on his own, Kanan tells him a real man steals what he needs to get respect. So, Tariq steals a pair of sneakers.

Dre knows something’s up with Kanan and Tariq, so approaches Tariq the best way he knows how and tells him to be careful with Kanan. But Tariq doesn’t know any better; he repeats everything Dre said to Kanan and Kanan checks up on Dre's loyalty to make sure he doesn’t get anymore “funny” ideas.

Ghost visits Tasha following Career Day and it's obvious that their bond is as strong as ever. Despite Tasha attempting to walk away, Ghost pulls her in for a kiss and the estranged husband and wife engage in some intensely passionate sex. Who knows if this will lead to an eventual reunion; but the morning after, Tasha asks Ghost to leave so the kids didn’t get confused about them getting back together--and Ghost leaped at the chance. Damn, James!

During their love connection, Ghost spills his plan to take out Milan with the help of Ruiz. Nervous about the possible repercussions, Tasha immediately calls Tommy after her Ghost leaves and asks Tommy to protect her and the kids. Tommy just happens to be with Ruiz and Milan at the time of Tasha’s call. So, Tommy intervenes and after luring Ruiz away stabs him to death under the Long Island Expressway. A mortally-wounded Ruiz asks why Tommy is doing this and Tommy tells him it’s Ghost who did it.

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to Tasha, Ruiz had just gotten Milan on tape without compromising himself, Tommy or Ghost, which would have allowed them to be free of another crazy drug lord. But Tommy doesn’t always think before he acts. Later that same night, Tommy confronts Ghost, and asks him why is he still going behind his back after he'd promised to be up front about everything.

“I chose you over Holly. It's time motherf---er, I need you to choose me,” Tommy says. Ghost acquiesces, but not before making it clear that he wants to be "out" as much as he ever has--and that will always be his goal.

After hearing those words, Tommy agrees to help Ghost kill Milan, but only if he calls the shots. But does he mean it? Tommy immediately goes to Milan and says, “You asked me the other day if I'm one of you...I am. And we need to kill Ghost.”

Finally, no one can find Keisha. The last time anyone saw her was when Tommy went to pay her a visit at the shop after hours (after Milan told him to kill her). Now, Keisha hasn’t shown up to work and Tasha can’t get a hold of her. So question remains, did Tommy or didn’t Tommy?

We are eager to find out in the finale next week!

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