It's catching a lot of people's attention again, the ever growing jackpot total in the Powerball Lottery!

Last Saturday's drawing of the five numbers and the Powerball number produced no matches to win the estimated $356 million dollars from the Powerball Lottery. There were many other smaller winners but no one took home the mega jackpot! Which means, this Wednesday's drawing is going to be worth an estimated $430 million and if you opt for the cash option, you'll take home a quick $273.4 million!

If you still have your ticket from last Saturday, you might want to check these numbers to see if you win anything:

20, 24, 26, 35, 49 with the red Powerball being 19

Check those numbers because someone in Texas won a million dollars by matching all five numbers along with four others in the U.S! The Powerball website shows there are more than two million winners in the drawing winning more than $19.4 million dollars! So even if you don't match all six numbers correctly, you can still win with the lottery!

By the way, last Friday, the Mega Millions lottery paid out a $393 million jackpot to an Illinois resident.

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