There was no single ticket that matched all the numbers sold for last night's ( 01/16/21) Powerball drawing. That means the grand prize jackpot for the multi-state lottery game will continue to grow. Last night before the drawing at 9:59 pm Louisiana time it was estimated a single ticket with the proper numbers could be worth as much as $640 million. That number will now increase to an estimated $730 million by drawing time on Wednesday night.

There was a ticket sold in Louisiana that did come very close to taking the top prize in last night's Powerball drawing. That ticket matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball. The ticket purchaser did not opt for the Powerplay option in the game. Therefore that particular ticket has a value of $50,000 this morning.

According to the Powerball website the winning numbers for January 16, 2021, were:

14   20   39   65   67   PB 02   Powerplay x3

The Louisiana ticket sold that is worth $50,000 was sold at a Circle K Store in Plaquemines. If you happened to have shopped at a Circle K there, you might want to double-check those numbers. It could mean a little more chicken in your gumbo pot if you happen to have the winner.

In Friday night's Mega Millions game drawing two tickets sold in Louisiana were big money winners but there were no tickets sold that claimed the top prize in that multi-state lottery game either. The Mega Millions website is suggesting that for Tuesday's drawing in the game the top prize could be as much as $850 million.

This is by far the highest totals that each of these lottery games has reached since the pandemic began. Early last year officials with both games decided to lower the starting amount for each game to $20 million, so you can see that's it has been quite a while since each of these games has had a top prize winner.

Maybe that winning ticket will be sold this week and perhaps, you'll be the lucky recipient that will have your life turned upside down by the sudden influx of cash. Our only hope is that you don't sacrifice the needs of your family and yourself just to take a chance on these incredible riches. Please play responsibly.

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