shooting 10 people and resulting in three deaths, including the shooter, showing the new
Trainwreck. Three people are dead, including the shooter, who killed himself.  Amy Tweeted, quote, "My heart is broken and all my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Louisiana."

New York Post is proving something I’ve long thought… both
more staged than you think. They’ve spoken with a bunch of former contestants and not only is it staged,
people hook up a lot more than you would think by watching the shows. Shocker, right? Apparently,
Kaitlyn Bristowe isn’t as much of a floozy as we originally thought.

Everyone has a theory on why Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s marriage ended and TMZ is saying it’s because of The Voice. Sources say Miranda hated LA but she took the time to visit him while he was working but that he never made the effort to visit her on the road or at home in Oklahoma.

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WWE has
removed all references to the Hulk from their website and there are rumors saying it’s because of
leaked footage of him acting racist. According to one of our listeners, who is a wrestling fan, popular opinion thinks it has something to do with Hogan and the confederate flag.

Tom Cruise says he’s down for Top Gun 2… as long as none of the jet fighter action is CGI.

Donald Trump is saying the Daily Show is begging him to be on Jon Stewart’s final episode.

Celebrity Birthdays July 25:
Matt LeBlanc