For the last few weeks all eyes have been on April the pregnant giraffe.

What if we watched humans the same way?

One pregnant Facebook user decided to have a little fun and gave us a taste of what it would be like and it turns out, people were just as interested (or maybe they just like a good joke, lol).

Over 3 million people viewed Erin Dietrich's video in less than 12 hours and all she had to do was put on a giraffe mask, walk around every now and again and just be very pregnant. Is she due anytime soon? Who knows, but we tuned in anyway.

Unlike the giraffe, she gave us bonus dance moves.

Good luck to The Dietrich's, and we'll check back to see if they put the actual birth on Facebook Live.

If you're curious about the status of April the giraffe, you can tune in below.

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