The President will be visiting our state next Tuesday, will you be making the trip?

You heard that correctly, President Donald Trump will be visiting Louisiana next Tuesday. If you're here in Shreveport-Bossier, he wont be too far away, although he won't be visiting our exact neck of the woods.

Donald Trump will be checking into Cameron Parish next Tuesday, located in South-West Louisiana. He'll be in our state promoting job growth when it comes to the energy sector. He'll be in Cameron Parish to tour the Sempra’s Cameron LNG Export Facility.

That's a facility that uses trains to bring in liquefied natural gas for export overseas and we're certainly lucky to have it here in Louisiana. After stopping by Cameron Parish, the President will also swing by New Orleans, marking his third trip to our great state since becoming the president.

Now, for those who are here in Shreveport, what's it gonna take to get the President to come up to Northwest Louisiana? There's still hope!


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