This morning we’re going to start with the right… Mitt Romney is a 1%’er… Yes, in more ways than one… But in this instance, it’s regarding his March Madness bracket. He correctly predicted that it would come down to Duke vs. Wisconsin and that Duke would win. I wonder if he predicted the Wisconsin coach being a sore loser? Either way, Mitt was in the 99.9 percentile and ranked 6,326th out of 11.57 million people at

Now, we’re going to take it to the left and this has to be the best demonstration of irony there ever was! President Obama was reading Where the Wild Things Are to some kids yesterday and they were attacked by bees. Apparently the President kept his cool, but the kids were bothered and I don’t blame them!

In case you missed it last night, Michael Sam was the contestant eliminate on Dancing with the Stars.

This apparently happened last month, but we’re just now seeing the video. It’s of Luke Bryan getting nailed in the face with Mardi Gras beads during one of his Spring Break shows. Now I’m a pretty good aim, even when I’m three sheets to the wind, so I don’t blame Luke for getting upset. He got hit pretty hard and he was upset, but the show went on!

Celebrity Birthdays Tuesday, April 7:
Russell Crowe 51
Tony Dorsett 61
Jackie Chan 61
Tiki Barber 40
Bill Bellamy 50
John Oates 66

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