I’m pretty sure this has already been filmed but there’s a petition online for President Obama to drink his own pee while on Running Wild with Bear Grylls… Apparently that’s a common survivalist technique used on the show… even though my buddy Gary says the Bear cheats all of the time… like staying in hotels when he was supposed to have been out in the wild all night!

Blake Shelton is releasing a compilation album October 23rd called Reloaded: 20 #1 Hits… and like you might expect, it’ll feature 20 of his number one songs from Austin to Sangria!

More than 30 years after she became the first black woman to win Miss America Pageant Vanessa Williams is going to judge the pageant this Sunday… if you’ll remember Vanessa had to give up her crown when nude pictures of her surfaced.

Luke Bryan says he’s going to cut back on his schedule to spend more time with his family. He says, ‘You can't keep asking other people to deal with what Daddy does.

I don’t get this… Thomas Rhett is trying to break a Guinness World Record in Arlington September 23… he wants fans to play Twister, then he wants to reward them with a $25 concert afterwards with a free download of his album Tangled Up which hits stores September 25…but if he really wants to reward people, shouldn’t it be a free concert?

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