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Jason Vanderbrink is the President of Federal, CCI, Speer and Remington and you can tell from the video he's recently published on YouTube, that he's a little miffed at some of the conspiracy theorists and scores of people on social media attacking him and his company for unfounded reasons and the misinformation regarding the ammunition shortage we are seeing in America at present.

On a personal note, I have unsuccessfully attempted for the past ninety days to secure ammunition for a couple of my favorite deer rifles; a Winchester .270 and Remington 25-06.

And I'm not talking just unsuccessful from our local retailers. I cannot find ammunition for these rifles anywhere. Not in a brick and mortar location or anywhere online. It's like the ammo doesn't even exist anymore.

But, after watching the video from Jason, I was a little more understanding of the predicament. He essentially explains that the sheer volume of new gun sales has so far exceeded the capability to manufacture ammo, that the company just can't keep up. Couple that with complications from COVID and the reduction of workforces to stay compliant, and you've set the stage for the perfect storm. A total ammo crisis.

He eludes to the mathematics of the whole crisis. He says there have been seven million new shooters in America since March 2020 and that on average, if each of those new shooters gets two fifty-count boxes of shells for each of those new weapons, that's an increased demand of 700 million extra rounds of ammo. Additionally, Vanderbrink says, "we're making more hunting ammo than we ever have; we just can't keep up."

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