President Trump is visiting Cameron Parish at 2 pm today to tour Sempra Energy’s 10-billion dollar liquefied natural gas export facility and will highlight job growth in the energy sector. Louisiana Oil & Gas Association president Gifford Briggs the area has a great story to tell the President as relates to the strength of the sector.

“The President, from the time he started campaigning, didn’t talk about energy security or energy independence, he talks about energy dominance and the oil and gas industry is playing a leading role in making that happen,” said Briggs.

Briggs says he’s seen the President take action to strengthen the energy sector in the offshore drilling area.

“Rolling back some of the regulations that were put in place and became outdated and are really more burdensome as opposed to the goals they were initially set out to do,” said Briggs.

Briggs says the President will see just how big of a role Louisiana could be playing in the energy export market.

“One of the things he’s been doing too, particularly on the LNG side is helping move stuff along so that we can get some of these projects that have been in the design phases for a long time, get them moving into the actually construction phases,” said Briggs.

President Trump will fly to New Orleans for a fundraiser following his time in Cameron Parish. This is his third trip to the bayou state since taking office.

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