If this is true, can she please tell him to stop??

Ivana Trump is Donald Trump's ex-wife. His first wife, to be exact. Although the two are split up, it appears the two still remain close. So close in fact, she claims to be the sole reason behind the President's wild Twitter fingers.

Ivana was interviewed by CBS Sunday Morning, which airs this Sunday, and she claims that she speaks with Donald every single week.

In the preview of the interview, she claims that Donald offered her a position once he became president. He offered her the chance to be the U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, but she denied.

The most talked-about claim from the interview preview, however, was that she says without her, he may have never picked up Tweeting in the first place. Basically, according to her, she told him to start using Twitter to get his message out there, instead of counting on media outlets to do it for him.

Check out the entire preview below!


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