Two local principals are being honored across the state today. Marco French and David Thrash are on the short list of nominees for Principal of the Year in Louisiana.

French is principal at Queensborough Elementary School. He has been named for his outstanding leadership at the Shreveport school. Caddo school leaders posted this message about French:

 We are so proud of you, Mr. French for your dedication to students and that others statewide are seeing what we've seen in you all along.



French uses some extraordinary techniques to get the word out about his school. He even walks the neighborhood door to door to tell neighbors the latest of what is happening at Queensborough. He has also personally paid for Christmas gifts to make sure every student at his school has a gift.


This is not the first rodeo for Bossier High Principal Thrash. He has been nominated for Louisiana Teacher of the year before. In fact, Thrash won the award in 2011, but he is so exceptional, he's up for it again. He has twice won Bossier Principal of the year in 2010 and 2018.

Thrash and French will find out if they win the top award during the 15th Annual Excellent Educators Awards Gala in July. That event will be held virtually.

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