One month since his wedding to Linda Phan, Property Brothers star Drew Scott has released the ultimate gift to his bride in the form of a new love song, "You Chose Me."

Clearly, Scott can do more than flip houses. He can craft quite a romantic tune too.

The song was a surprise to his new wife, given to her just minutes before the couple would walk down the aisle in May. An accompanying music video shares the special moment that Phan received the song in the form of a record.

"Drew has something special for you," a friend says as she brings in a vintage record player as the wedding party got ready for the ceremony, which took place in Italy.

"Oh my goodness, that is so cool," the 31-year-old responds as she puts the needle to the record.

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Scott wrote the song with songwriters Victoria Shaw and Chad Carlson, and the heartwarming moment was also included in the TLC Special Linda and Drew Say I Do. The video goes on to show pieces of their courtship, along with their gorgeous wedding. You'll also see Scott's guitar strumming skills.

Of course, there isn’t the first time that the Property Bro has stretched his talents — he and his twin brother, Jonathon, have flirted with a country music career in the past few years. In fact, the two have released a handful of original songs including "Hold On" and "Let the Light Shine In."

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