According to Providr, there are certain things you should never tell your children. Providr gathered information from Curious Mind Magazine.

  1. "Stop crying right now."
    1. The experts say that this is not helpful when a child is upset because kids don't really know how to control their emotions and this will cause them to suppress their emotions later in life.
  2. "I am disappointed in you."
    1. The experts say that if you say this to your child, you are not being helpful. Instead try to find a solution with the child.
  3. "You are not (fill in the blank) enough."
    1. You can fill that blank with almost anything. You are not skinny enough. You are not smart enough. You are not whatever enough. Apparently this will cause issues into their adulthood. The experts say that the child will feel inadequate and will cause a long lasting affect.

I don't have a child, so I can't speak with experience on this. However, I can see how these certain phrases can alter a child's perspective and create some issues down the road.



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