A Louisiana city lands on the list of the rattiest cities in the country. But we don't have a city in the top 10.

Texas has 2 cities in the top 20. Dallas is #16 while Houston lands at #17 on the list which is published every year by Orkin.

What City Is at the Top of the List of Rattiest Cities?

It's not New York. In fact, Chicago is #1 for the 6th consecutive year. The streets of Chicago are infested with rats and the problem is not getting any better. California has 2 cities in the top 5. Los Angeles is #2 on the list with San Francisco at #5.

How did Orkin come up with this list? It is based on calls for treatment of rodent problems.

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Here Are the Top 25 Rattiest Cities in the U.S.:

1. Chicago
2. Los Angeles
3. New York
4. Washington, D.C.
5. San Francisco
6. Detroit
7. Philadelphia (+3)
8. Baltimore (+4)
9. Denver
10. Minneapolis (-2)
11. Cleveland, Oh. (-4)
12. Seattle (+1)
13. Boston (+1)
14. Atlanta (-3)
15. Indianapolis (+1)
16. Dallas-Fort Worth (-1)
17. Houston
18. Pittsburgh
19. San Diego (+13)
20. Miami (-1)
21. New Orleans (+6)
22. Cincinnati (+1)
23. Portland, Or. (-1)
24. Milwaukee (-4)
25. Norfolk, Va. (+1)

The Orkin report says the problem with rats is getting worse. The report says the pandemic is the primary reason as more Americans stayed home and created more household waste.

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