As the effort to recall New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell begins to heat up, the Mayor issued her first statement regarding the effort.

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The statement read as follows:

"The recall effort to undermine and discredit the first Black woman Mayor of New Orleans is quickly being exposed as a Republican-backed maneuver by people with an agenda."


"It fits into a long history of taking away our vote and our voice. That’s why we have reason to believe a conservative DC firm has signed on to lead the effort. That’s why many GOP organizations in the city is encouraging people to sign the petition. That’s why Fox News is leading the propaganda charge."

Recall Leaders Say That Statement Couldn't Be Further From The Truth

Speaking with WWL First News, Carter said that,

 allegations of "a conservative DC firm... signed on to lead the effort" are just not true.


"Lies and garbage."


"New Orleans we are better than this and we deserve better representation."


She says Cantrell's PAC has "money to create lies… Watch them."

To read more about the effort to recall LaToya Cantrell as Mayor of New Orleans, just go to

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