More good news from our state in the education field, keep up the good work Louisiana!

Two weeks ago, I wrote a story about Louisiana's record number of high school graduates. Now, we have a new record number in terms of high school grads who enter college.

This shout out goes right the graduating class of 2018. In Louisiana, out of all 2018 high school graduates, 64% will be entering college. That's the record for our state, and now all eyes will be on the class of 2019 to see if they can raise the bar even higher.

This trend has been on the upswing in Louisiana since 2012, as we've seen a 23% increase over the past seven years.

It seems like every week we're seeing a new study or poll that places Shreveport and/or Louisiana on the top of a not-so-sought-after list. It's always good to see the other side where we get the credit we deserve.

Bravo Louisiana!


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