Andrew Keegan was huge star and teenage heart throb in the late 90's and early 2000's, starring in movies like 10 Things I Hate about you, The Broken Hearts Club, and quite a few other movies.  After tasting the spotlight, Andrew's star faded.  This is an extremely common thing in Hollywood - even if you're lucky.  Most aspiring stars never even make that far.  So, as far as Hollywood careers go, Mr. Keegan's experience was way better than average.   Most actors / actresses with this level of success parlay the recognition into a job that allow them to take advantage of it.  Maybe owning a car dealership, heading up a PR department, or possibly founding a cult.

The latter is what Mr. Keegan did.  It's called Full Circle, and it operates out of Venice, California.  If there is a more prime location for scooping up the disappointed masses that stream into LA with dreams of stardom only to be crushed, the Church of Scientology already has it.  Still, there are likely tons of new followers to go around - and Andrew Keegan is there to help them achieve spiritual enlightenment.  The website claims that Full Circle's goal is to help the "mind, body, and soul by empowering people from all beliefs and backgrounds to be the brightest versions of themselves."

Don't count Andrew Keegan out of the entertainment biz just yet though, he was still making movies as of this year.  He now also has the distinction of leading his own religion (cult) - just like Tom Cruise and Alison Mack (Chloe from the CW's Smallville).

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