I lost my daddy 10 years ago and not a Father's Day, or any holiday for that matter, goes by where I don't think of him!

I was always the quintessential daddy's girl. My daddy hung the stars and the moon as far as I'm concerned. I lost my dad pretty publicly. I'll never forget, it was two days before my wedding, my parents had come down for the festivities from Ohio and I got the life changing call that my father had had a massive heart attack while I was at work during my final morning show before I tool off for my nuptials.

The death of my father rocked my world. We went forward with our wedding, but I won't lie, I was numb. I know now that I was deeply depressed for months after. I used to mark all of the big occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, major holidays, etc... It was like I planned to be sad. Eventually, I figured out that these were times to celebrate his life, not continue to mourn. Now, I always make sure to say hi to dad as I pass by Hill Crest in Haughton, LA and tell him I love him.

These days, I hold my dearest memories of dad close. Like how he used to let me stand on his feet as we'd dance and how he would brush my hair until it dried after bath time. I'd sit in front of his chair while he'd comb for what had to be an hour. I remember how excited he used to get on Tuesdays for his trip to Best Buy. Movies were his thing later in life as his illness restricted a lot of physical activity. I still have boxes and boxes of VHS tapes and DVDs that I can't bear to give away.

I remember when I introduced him to Norah Jones and when we'd sing at the top of lungs to Cracklin' Rosy or when he'd council me to be kinder to my mother. (We butted heads like all moms and teenage daughters do!)

So as we go about celebrating the great fathers in our lives tomorrow, I'll be remembering my father with love and gratitude. Even though our time was cut short, I was so blessed to have him in my life. I love you dad!


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