WAFB-TV is reporting that multiple people have stated that Federal Economic Stimulus payments, related to COVID-19, are being deposited into the bank accounts of deceased family members. Including at least one Louisiana resident.

The WAFB report says a Livingston Parish woman is looking for clarification from officials on what to do with a $1,200 payment made into her deceased mother's bank account. Her mother died in 2018, and the family filed her taxed on her behalf in 2019. The family left the late mother's bank account open since, and that's where the payment was made.

It was pointed out in the WAFB report that US Congressman from Kentucky Thomas Massie also Tweeted out about a personal friend having the same occurrence with their deceased father:

According to NBC News, those family members who have access to the stimulus payments going to the deceased, will be able to keep the money. Though some families are upset about the payments to their deceased loved ones, because it will be causing difficulties for some who are working to settle the estates of those family members.


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