Richard Linklater’s movie are always An Event — he’s the kind of director to go all in on a concept, be it rotoscoped animation or filming the same actor for twelve straight years. For his next trick, Linklater is shooting a movie set in Houston, Texas in the 1960s during one of the coolest times of the decade: the 1969 moon landing.

Linklater told The Houston Chronicle that he was inspired while making Boyhood to look back on that summer, right before he entered the third grade, when he and everyone around the world watched a man walk on the moon.

“You had so much going on in Houston at once: NASA, the Medical Center, the Astrodome,” Linklater said. “There was a communal atmosphere. You had all these kids with parents working at NASA for a common goal.” The story will be told from the point of view of a young boy who is watching the mission with his family, and the soundtrack will feature a number of “regional hits.”

Linklater also said that he’s put out a call for any archival Houston-related footage and materials from the period, from photos to videos, and elaborated in an official announcement via the Houston Film Commission:

Director Richard Linklater needs your Houston area photos, videos from the 1960s for a new movie. Have a home movie from Astroworld or the Astrodome, or a recording of your little brother with Kitirik? Did someone you know use a Kinescope to record the moon landing? If so, we want to see it and anything else that documents that era. There is no wrong material, as long as it from Houston in the 1960s we want to see it.

If you think you might have something of note, e-mail it to Linklater’s next film, Where’d You Go Bernadette, opens October 19.

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