For all of those folks that say there's nothing to do in Shreveport/Bossier City, we beg to differ! We can't think of a more unique experience than solving the riddles at Red Herring Escape Rooms on Youree Drive in Shreveport!

Red Herring Escape Rooms provide a perfect outing for friends, date night or even a team building experience for you and your office mates!

Want to get off the couch win a pair of free passes to try out  Red Herring Escape Rooms? Answer our riddle below to score a fun, interactive and challenging experience! We'll announce the winner Friday! Some of our past winners are Angelia Paga, Albie Hutchins and Greg Rochelle!

I am a five letter word and I am a fruit. Take the first letter out and I am a crime, take out the first and second letter and I am a animal, take out the first and last letter and I am a type of music. What am I?

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