Superstar singer Rihanna has developed a bit of a reputation of late for being late...for her own performances. Well, Americans audiences might be willing to take that kind of abuse, but not her fans in the UK!

In the past few months Rihanna has kept her audiences waiting: Two hours for a show in Birmingham. Three in Boston. And they waited, and they cheered. Her fans in England, it would seem, are a bit different. When Rihanna showed up an hour late for a concert in Manchester earlier this week, she was pelted with boos, then potato chips when she took the stage. And then, strangely, she seemed to not understand why they were upset. 'What?', she said onstage, 'That's that important?'

For a performer who's rumored to be paid around $500,000 per show, you'd think she'd be able to afford a slightly better watch.


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