British band Rixton, who are on the cusp of huge things in 2014, at least in our opinions, brought their 'broken heart' to 'The Voice' last night (April 28). The band performed its song 'Me and My Broken Heart' on the hit singing competition.

The cray cray catchy, reggae-flecked song translated flawlessly on the stage and screen, anchored, no doubt, by the big, white block letters with the band's name spelled out behind them. It was part of the stage props and platform. But make no mistake. That pretty much ensured that you would not forget their name and who you were watching on the boob tube.

We also love the rock 'n' roll styling and cool hair that the Rixton boys rock.

But despite the imagery and staging, the music is solid as a brick and is what pushes Rixton to the top of the heap. We hope that 'The Voice' contestants were paying attention. While they are singers who usually work on their own and not in a band setting, they could still pick up more than a few tips on how to entertain from what Rixton did.

Even coaches Usher and Adam Levine were grooving in their big red chairs, totally impressed by what Rixton were doing.

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