Every Saints fan let out a sigh of relief at the end of their Week 13 matchup with Atlanta.

The Saints got the win, but not without doing so in dramatic fashion as Saints fans held their breath on what would be the final play of the game. Falcons QB Matt Ryan heaved up a pass into the end zone as time was ticking down to zero.

After being tapped around by a few Saints defenders, the ball hit the ground the pass was called incomplete as time expired.

There was a small moment where you felt like they may put one second back on the clock, but out marched the white hat referee to announce the game was over.

I think that's when our sighs of relief turned into shouts of excitement, and who better to represent the Who Dat Nation than our beloved weatherman and die-hard Saints fan Rob Perillo?

Rob tweeted out a video showing his reaction at the end of the game as he can be heard belting out a 'Who Dat' chant, and even features some action from his dog.

Having been to a Saints game with Perillo, I can tell you the dude is just as passionate about the Saints as he is about his weather forecasts, so it was good to see him doing what we were ALL probably doing at the end of that game.

Not only did the Saints get the win, but with a Chicago Bears loss, New Orleans has officially clinched a playoff spot and continue their winning streak.

Next time you see Perillo, shoot him a quick 'WHO DAT!'

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