Given the dire predictions of record snowfall from weekend storm Nemo, I made it a point to check in through the day with my friends who make their homes on the America's east coast.

michael nix, facebook

'Seemed like a regular winter storm', said my longtime friend, NBC Sports director Drew Esocoff., 'But then the wind started blowing.!' Drew and his family spent the day hunkered down in their Redding, Connecticut home watching golf on television. 'No doubt about it,' Drew told me, looking out at 24 inches of new snow, 'I'm moving to Pebble Beach.'

Only a foot of snow fell in Great Neck, New York, home of Hofstra University professor Jeff Morosoff, whom I've known since the early '80s. 'Had the whole family over and watched movies,' said Jeff, referring to his children...and grandchildren. 'We did the same thing during (hurricane) Sandy, only this time the lights stayed on'.

Former KVKI deejay Michael Nix now lives in New York City where he works for Lifetime Television. And again, just like Sandy, he and friends watched the storm from his Manhattan apartment. Their snow totals: 11.4 inches.

For the record, Milford, Connecticut recorded the storm's heaviest snowfall, slightly more than 38 inches.