Sorry, ‘Twilight’ fans — if you were hoping for a future reunion for the franchise, you might want to have a word with Robert Pattinson. According to him, it’s not ever going to happen.

The 28-year-old actor wrapped up the ‘Twilight’ series in 2012, to the dismay of Twihards everywhere. Variety caught up with him at Vanity Fair's Cannes Film Festival party on Saturday (May 17) and asked about the chances of a follow-up.

“I couldn’t do another ‘Twilight’ movie,” Robert said. “I’m too old.”

To be fair, that would be a bit tricky, since Edward Cullen isn’t supposed to be able to age.

Robert also expressed surprise that the series took off as much as it did, leading to people asking him about a role reprisal nearly six years after the five-film series first premiered.

“No one thought it was going to be a big deal,” he shared. “We thought it was going to be like ‘Thirteen,’” he added, referencing 'Twilight' director Catherine Hardwicke’s directorial debut.

Well, Rob, it was a big deal, and we’ll never give up hope, no matter how old you are!

The actor might not be donning the pale makeup or golden contacts of Edward anytime soon, but he’ll be on the big screen plenty. The English actor has several movies in the works, including a possible project with ‘Spring Breakers’ director Harmony Korine.

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