The last time there was big news about a Stonewall business was when McCoys Butcher Block announced its closure. Stonewall has a strong sense of community so it was a huge loss to the residents of stonewall when they saw a favorite call it quits.

Via ROLLIN' N STONE Rolled Ice Cream's Facebook
Via ROLLIN' N STONE Rolled Ice Cream's Facebook

Now Stonewall Residents Are Rejoicing Because There is a New Fun Shop in Town.

I first noticed some friends of mine freaking out because they got a really cool new concept in town. You've probably seen rolled ice cream all over TikTok. Well, now there is a shop in Stonewall that is serving up rolled ice cream. How cool is that?

Via ROLLIN' N STONE Rolled Ice Cream's Facebook
Via ROLLIN' N STONE Rolled Ice Cream's Facebook

ROLLIN' N STONE Rolled Ice Cream Opened Up 2 Weeks Ago.

The shop is already a crowd favorite and Stonewall residents are showing up and showing out.

Check out what the shop had to say on Facebook:

"This weekend we passed the 2-week mark! We are unbelievably humbled by the amount of support our small town has shown. To those who visit us daily, thank you! We’ve said from the beginning, this is an experience. Huge thank you to those who have been so patient, loving and Understanding. This is not your typical ice cream shop. We DO NOT have scooped ice cream waiting and ready to serve. Each order is made right in front of you, just the way you like! That being said, there is a wait time. And it’s worth it, just ask those who come in daily
We do Employ young students from the area, by doing so we believe in helping them learn about the workforce. They are all wonderful and hard-working! We also want to point out, our girls NEVER cut anyone in line. Not even their own parents. They work hard every day, with a smile and eagerness to make your day just a little bit better. Please be kind. To the 3200+ people that have come in over the last two weeks and waited for the experience, we appreciate each of you!" 

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