A rollover crash occurred in downtown Shreveport. Luckily the driver was OK. This popular monument, though? Not so much...

I would certainly like to begin by asking the obvious question... How does one rollover a car while driving in downtown Shreveport? Like many of you, I've driven down every road downtown has to offer, yet can't recall a time where I drove fast enough to even skid my tires, much less flip my car entirely.

One Texas driver managed to pull off the seemingly impossible feat today and luckily escaped without any serious injuries. The scene alone was a sight to behold, and if you've spent any time online today, chances are you've seen the photos.

I'm glad that the driver didn't sustain injuries, but I am sad to share with you that the accident absolutely wrecked one of downtown's iconic art pieces. The Quilt Kiosk has stood at the corner of Texas Street and McNeil Street since I can remember, and after today's wreck, it sits in pieces along Texas Street. The iconic art piece was funded by SRAC, the National Endowment for the Arts, Downtown Development Authority, and Shreveport StreetScape. It features patterns found in African-American and Anglo-American quilt designs.

Also, both of my daughters love this sculpture and demand to go see it every time I take them downtown. Hopefully, the city finds a way to restore the piece, although nothing has been said at this time. Fingers crossed!

Check out the photos posted by the DDA below!



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