Comedian Ryan Higa shows us how to run for president in five simple lessons!
In these lessons he teaches everything from answering the tough questions to your very own campaign slogan.
Lesson 1.) Answering the tough questions. You can't run if you can't answer the tough questions.
Lesson 2.) Addressing the top issues education, gun-control, and North Korea.
Lesson 3.) Introducing a new fear, you need to make people afraid of something something believable like washing machines coming to life in 2017.
Lesson 4.) make promises even if you can't keep them promises that everyone would be happy with.
Lesson 5.) The campaign this is what win the elections it doesn't matter what you plan to change or fix just what you say and you have to have a good slogan.

With these five easy lessons you could be the next president of the United States!

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