It's supposedly splitsville for oft-temperamental actor and heartthrob Russell Crowe and wife Danielle Spencer.

The pair, who met two decades ago while playing a couple in the 1990 film 'The Crossing,' married in April 2003 and are the parents of two young sons. But now, just seven months shy of their 10-year anniversary, things are apparently kaput.

So what brought the marriage down like an unrestrained pair of double Ds?

Well, it would be easy to think Crowe's infamous temper had something to do with it -- but it turns out that 'Dancing With the Stars' might have some culpability too, at least according to PEOPLE.

Spencer, 43, was snapped at a casino in Sydney with Damian Whitewood, who was her professional partner on the Aussie version of the series. The photos were not of the two dancing, but rather depicted them getting their cuddlefest on away from the set.

Rumors swirled there was something decidedly unrehearsed going on, but later pics showed Spencer and Crowe, 48, looking happy after reuniting at LAX Airport -- so those stories were quickly quelled. But it seems maybe it was all a smokescreen after all.

Crowe's reps have yet to confirm the breakup, but eh. "Reps" said everything was fine between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, too.