Actor Ryan Phillippe's first attempt at directing, "Shreveport," wrapped up filming late last year and is currently in post-production, set for release before the end of 2013. And, of course, where better to film "Shreveport" than in Shreveport itself!

"Shreveport" is a  thriller in which Phillippe stars as a fading film actor who is forced to concoct an escape after he is kidnapped and tortured while making a movie in, yes, Shreveport.

In addition to directing, co-producing and starring in the film, Phillippe is also the film's co-writer. Phillippe has said that the film is based partly on the life experiences of himself and his friends, including the filming of his movie "Straight As" here in 2011.

In addition to Phillippe, the cast includes actress and comedienne Tig Notaro and actress Joyful Drake.

Watch an interview with Ryan Phillippe About 'Shreveport'

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