As many begin to prepare for Tropical Storm Laura to enter the Gulf of Mexico and ultimately become a hurricane, I want to take the time to remind you of a few safety tips when using a portable generator at your home.

Each and every year we see reports of people injuring themselves or others while operating portable generators and wee don't want that to happen to anyone during the storm.

If you have a portable generator or if you know of someone who is new to using one, you may want to share some of the safety tips below with them.

Safety Tips For When Operating A Portable Generator

  • Always place the generator while running in a well-ventilated area. Never put it in your house or in a garage that is completely sealed off. Carbon monoxide is deadly.
  • Never plug the generator into the wall or panel box. You don't want to create back feed. If you are using the generator to power home, have a licensed electrician wire it for you.
  • Make sure your generator is OFF when refuelling and when you are plugging appliances into it.
  • Avoid exposing your generator to the elements. You should not let the generator just sit in the rain.
  • Be sure to only use heavy-duty extension cords when going from the appliances to the generator.
  • Please DO NOT let kids or pets get around the generator. While running generators get extremely hot and can severely burn anyone. Likewise, make sure that there is nothing close to the generator while it is running. Avoid getting burned or setting a fire.


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