The heartbreaking playoff loss to the Vikings feels all too familiar for Saints fans.

Would you believe there is actual data to back up that gut-wrenching feeling that so many of us are still carrying on this Monday morning? The way the Saints ended their 2019 season was the same way they ended their 2018 season AND their 2017 season; on the final play of the game.

Would you believe me if I told you that our overall poor performance in the 26-20 loss to the Vikings in the Wild Card round of the playoffs was actually a record-setting affair? Unfortunately, in a season filled with broken records and numerous accolades, this is one milestone that Saints fans will not take any pride in whatsoever.

Yes, you read that correctly—not only has our season ended on the final play of a playoff game for three straight seasons, but we have also lost by one score in our last SIX playoff appearances.

Of course, it should never come down to one play or one bad call and the Saints had plenty of chances to do their jobs in regulation. Speaking of bad calls, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the final play of the game (again).

The harsh truth is we can holler and point at the refs and have every former referee and sports analyst agree that we were screwed by blown calls, but it doesn't make this style of losing sting any less—and as the old saying goes: Almost doesn't count.

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