This may be 'petty' Sean at his finest.

During his season-ending presser Sean Payton took the most subtle jab at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell via an intentional wardrobe malfunction. Many Saints players and fans alike have been critical of the NFL and its commissioner for failing to acknowledge the travesty that took place in the NFC Championship, but Payton's response may be my favorite one yet.

It was quickly pointed out online that the Saints head coach was wearing a Roger Goodell clown shirt under his zip-up shirt during the press conference. The zipper was pulled down just enough to send the message.

The shirt was originally created by Barstool Sports in response to Goodell's handling of 'Deflate-gate' back in 2015 and worn by thousands of Patriots fans including then-Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia who was photographed wearing the t-shirt exiting a plane following New England's Super Bowl win.

Barstool was quick to point out the t-shirt on social media.

If you ask me, Sean Payton knew exactly what he was doing—and to be honest, I'm not even mad at him for it. It's hilarious, and I won't ever tell anyone how to grieve, even though Payton did say he ate ice cream and watched Netflix for three days straight after the tough loss.

Let's also not forget that whole 'Bountygate' thing.


What do you think? Was Payton wearing the Goodell Clown shirt? Some say he wasn't, pointing out that the lines don't match up.

This guy may have won the internet with this GIF that all but proves that Sean was definitely trolling the NFL commish.

Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think. In the meantime, it seems like Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas is taking "credit" for the move.

Whether it's really that shirt or not (it's totally that shirt), Goodell is still, and will forever be, a clown.

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