It's truly one of the reasons that Saints fans love to see the team win.

The New Orleans Saints have been on a roll, and while they face some tough challenges ahead while Drew Brees is injured, I think we will see a team effort moving forward as the team will be looking for new ways to win.

Speaking of winning, fans love to see the Saints win because the locker room is always lit after a "W."

As a season ticket-holding Saints fan myself, I've found myself listening to one of the songs that I discovered during these Black & Gold dance parties that was actually recorded by Saints offensive lineman Terron Armstead.

Warning: Lyrics NSFW

Armstead, or T. Stead as he goes by behind the mic, has a song called B.O.A. (Bank of America) that always gets the team hype during the locker room parties. In the video above you can even see Armstead dancing with Saints head coach Sean Payton to his song.

There is even a behind-the-scenes video clip of him recording B.O.A.  on YouTube.

So, if you're a Saints fan, there's an interesting tidbit of trivia for you to share with other Saints fans when you are enjoying the next Saints locker room turn up!

Also, check out the rest of T. Stead's tracks on Spotify or wherever you stream music.

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